ESPN's Dianna Russini Says There's A Chance Tom Brady AND Bill Belichick Retire After The Super Bowl

Here’s a casual little tweet that ESPN reporter, Dianna Russini, dropped on everybody’s heads about 8 hours before kickoff this morning. No big deal, just the fact that tonight’s Super Bowl could be Tom Brady AND Bill Belichick’s final game.

It’s an interesting report to drop just hours before the game, especially during a Super Bowl week that has had zero interesting storylines outside of Eagles fans being total animals for 2 straight weeks. You’d think if this was some sort of ESPN fabrication to drum up ratings (a la the LeBron-Warriors story this week) they would’ve done it earlier in the week to get a few days out of it. So that makes me wonder if there’s a hint of truth to it.
But then Schefter came on NFL Countdown and basically refuted the reports a little bit after Russini tweeted it. From NESN:

Here’s Schefter on Belichick:
“He knows that work that’s ahead, and while who knows how many years he’ll be coaching — it may not be very many more — it looks like right now that Belichick is expected to return for the 2018 season.”
And here’s Schefter on Brady:
“He wants to prove that somebody can play at an elite level well into his 40s. That seems to be his goal. And while there’s no clarity that for certain it is sure that Brady will be back next season, I think most people believe right now that he’ll be back.”

Then about 30 minutes later, Russini comes with this:

So despite the rumors of them possibly retiring after the game, they’re likely to come back just like we all expected. So essentially that tweet was a good way to scare Pats fans shitless, get some people to finally flip over the Countdown for the first time this season, all for a meaningless rumor. I’m sure Pats fans will handle this well.
Side note: It would be incredible if this turned out to be true and they both hung it up together on the podium after winning one last title like an old WWE Tag Team duo.

Here was Brady talking about retirement this week…I don’t think he’s done


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