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Olympic village will be STOCKED with condoms this year

I feel like every time the Olympics rolls around we hear stories about all the condoms they need to stock Olympic village. It makes sense that all these athletes are banging each other on their downtime. What else are they going to do while they’re there?

Well this year in Seoul they’ll be able to bang like there’s no tomorrow because they’re handing out the most condoms ever at an Olympics by volume. From the NY Post:

Officials will hand out a total of 110,000 condoms to this year’s athletes. That’s a 10,000-rubber increase from the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Though Pyeongchang, South Korea’s randy record doesn’t beat out the Summer Olympics’ in sheer volume — 450,000 condoms were handed out at the 2016 Rio games — it does win gold for its high condom-to-athlete ratio: The math averages out to a whopping 37.6 condoms per athlete for the 16-day stay.

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Only at the Phoenix Open!

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