Gronk Will Have Exactly 69 Family And Friends In Attendance For The Super Bowl

Just Gronk Being Gronk #YoSoyFiesta

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Gronk got some good news yesterday as he was officially cleared to play Sunday after spending some quality time in the concussion protocol from the big hit he took in the AFC Championship. No matter what your feelings are on the Patriots, I think all of us were rooting for him to play. It would’ve been brutal to miss back-to-back Super Bowls.

Here’s what he said yesterday, via

“[I] officially got the word today that I was cleared. So it was super nice to hear from the doctors going through the whole process and I’m ready to roll,” Gronk said.

“I’m cleared,” Gronkowski said. “I’m ready to roll. I’ll be full-speed, taking on hits, blocking, running routes, whatever it might be.”

Ready to roll. He passed the protocol.

Gronk concussion protocol:

Spell ‘Vodka Red Bull’

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So now that he is officially cleared to play, we can move on to more important Gronk news. Things that don’t have to do with X’s and O’s. Something so simple, yet so Gronk.

This Sunday, now that he’ll officially be on the field playing, Gronk will have 69 friends and family members at the US Bank Stadium to watch him. That means Gronk went to the Patriots higher ups and asked for exactly 69 tickets for the Super Bowl. This isn’t a joke, this is a calculated move. Nobody lives the 69 life harder than Gronk.


Not a joke: Gronk has 69 family members and friends flying to Minnesota for the Super Bowl.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) February 2, 2018

Remember, he finished the year with 69 receptions, he’s the king of the 69 jokes at pressers, he rocked the 69 at practice a few years back, now he has 69 people coming to watch him. The brand is as strong as ever right now.

We caught up with Gronk earlier in the week in Minneapolis before he was cleared

Just caught up to my buddy @RobGronkowski & he sent a message to @MojoRawleyWWE

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) January 31, 2018