Le'Veon Bell Would Need An Absurd Amount Of Money To Sign With The Jets

Le’Veon Bell’s potential free agency is going to be one of the bigger storylines this off-season especially after all of the drama that has taken place in Pittsburgh over the last few months. He played on a franchise tag in 2017 and is eligible for another one if he and the Steelers can’t come to an extension agreement, but if you remember, he’s already threatened to retire if they tag him again. That means he could become a free agent in March and will obviously have many teams ready to back up the Brinks truck for him.
Meanwhile, the lowly Jets have been minding their own business today, watching yet another Super Bowl week from their couches, when Le’Veon came out of nowhere to roast them in front of the entire internet. A fan proposed the idea of the Jets signing him this off-season and even threw a number out there: $60 million, a relatively decent amount of money.
But not for Le’Veon. Not for the Jets. He seems like he’d rather retire than do this as well.

Just about as disrespectful as you can possibly get. And I don’t think it’s the money. He just flat out doesn’t want to play for that franchise. That cuts DEEP.
Plus, he’s too busy recruiting LeBron to the NFL to worry about free agency.

Jets safety Jamal Adams chimed in


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