Justin Timberlake, The Super Bowl Halftime Performer, Says His Son Will Never Play Football

Today we’ve had more media availability and press conferences ahead of the Super Bowl, and like every other year, the halftime performer gets their very own presser just like the players and coaches and commissioner.  So today was Justin Timberlake’s chance to answer softball questions about his halftime performance, and just when you thought he was in the clear, he drops the dreaded “my son will never play football” line.
So now it begs the question: is Justin Timberlake the NFL’s worst nightmare? Nipplegate is long gone, but right when he makes his return, he’s talking about how his son will never play the sport of the game he’s trying to promote. I’m sure Goodell loved that.

Nobody followed up on it because he slid it right between a generic answer about his son. There’s a chance he was joking based on his tone, but also a chance he wasn’t based on the thousands of people not letting their children play football.
I think he was dead serious, then in his head realized that probably wasn’t the greatest answer given the time and place, and quickly moved on to talking about his son being a good person.
Somehow, after all these years, the NFL’s worst enemy is still Justin Timberlake. Amazing.

They’ll be running a 5-second delay on his performance Sunday…maybe they should have it 24/7

Sporting News:

When singer Justin Timberlake takes the stage Sunday for the Super Bowl 52 halftime show, NBC Sports won’t be showing you his performance live from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Instead, the network will take the wise precaution of televising the singer on a five-second tape delay. Timberlake has nobody to blame but himself and ex-dance partner Janet Jackson for that.

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