Meet Jordan Britt — Girlfriend Of Eagles Long Snapper Rick Lovato

The long snappers are obviously not going to get any love in the media during Super Bowl week and that’s because they’re long snappers. They snap the football. The only way anybody is talking about them on Monday is if they FUBAR and roll one back between their legs. They had him making sandwiches at Media Night for god’s sake.

But I’m here to change that. I’m here to give a long snapper some love in the most long snapper way possible: by introducing the girlfriend and not really talking about the actual player at all. He’s used to this.
On to the girlfriend. Today, we meet Jordan Britt, girlfriend of Eagles long snapper Rick Lovato. Two years ago Rick was (assumingly) single and making sandwiches before he finally got his big NFL break. Now he’s playing in a Super Bowl and has a smoking hot girlfriend. What a turn around.
Based on their IGs, it seems these two have been dating since sometime around last summer. We don’t know much about Jordan, but she’ll definitely be in Minnesota Sunday.

[IG – Jordan]

Now we know he’s definitely NOT Demi’s husband

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