Enes Kanter Showed Off His Lacerated Lip and Yeah… It’s Disgusting


In news that should lift up the spirits of LeBron James, Devin Booker and Jared Dudley, chatty Knicks center Enes Kanter suffered a lacerated lip during practice Monday. The injury isn’t expected him to cost him game time, but as you can see from the photos provided by Enes, it’s a pretty nasty-looking injury.

Enes seems to be taking it all in stride — “No blood, no victory,” he tweeted:

Knicks PR tweeted Enes received seven stitches to close the vomit-inducing wound.

Dudley, who was labeled a fatty by Enes over the weekend, tweeted out some laughing emojis in response to Rachel Nichols’ joke about the injury:

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