Nick Saban Is Out Here Dancing For Recruits Again
I keep hearing these rumors about Nick Saban heading to the NFL or Nick Saban looking for a new challenge now that’s he won just about as much as you possibly can in these 10 years at Alabama. But I don’t think Saban wants to leave. I think he actually enjoys the recruiting and all the time it takes to build a college football powerhouse.
That’s why when videos like this come out of Saban boogeying his ass off at some recruits house, it pretty much shuts down those rumors of him leaving. Deep down, he’s having the time of his life in this kid’s living room. The Cupid Shuffle comes on and Saban is the first guy out of his chair.
Does this look like a man who wants to go back to dealing with millionaire NFL players?
[protected-iframe id=”2655d983f4bf1b71acdee23d61c519fe-22577676-58132778″ info=”″ width=”500″ height=”626″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no”]
Unless he gets some sort of Gruden-esque contract, Saban isn’t leaving Bama. He knows he’s going viral with this video. He knows what he’s doing. He has everyone in the palm of his hand. This is why he’s so far and away the best coach.

You have to do shit like this these days to get the best recruits. And deep down I think Saban loves it. He’s already got these dances down pat.


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