'The Hefty Lefty' Jared Lorenzen Wants In on the XFL

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So we might have already lost the dream of Johnny Manziel tearing up the XFL because of Vince McMahon‘s weak-ass ruling out players who have a criminal history. DUIs were specifically mentioned by Vince, and you already know Johnny Football has one of those — not to mention an assault charge.

Where does that leave us on the potential XFL QB front? Well, there’s Tim Tebow, but he may or may not be an MLB All-Star by 2020. He’s a maybe. Baker Mayfield? He’ll still be in the NFL as long as he doesn’t go full Johnny. Colin Kaepernick? Not standing for the flag.
Options appear to be dwindling already, but a potential hero has emerged in former Giants/River Monsters quarterback Jared Lorenzen. The man formerly known as “The Hefty Lefty” already has already given himself a new catchy nickname:

Wonderful. Jared might be in assuming he’s at a playing weight (check out the Jared Lorenzen Project) in two years.

Johnny Manziel Will NOT Be Eligible To Play In The XFL
Johnny Manziel Will NOT Be Eligible To Play In The XFL
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