Guy Who Won $14 Million On The World Series Is Reportedly Laying $3 Million On The Eagles In SB52

You might remember the story back in November during the World Series featuring a mysterious bettor who raked in a cool $14 million on the World Series, going six for six and letting it ride each game before cashing out and taking home his winnings before Game 7.
The story was interesting for 2 reasons: 1. he won a SHIT LOAD of money and put his nuts on the table letting it ride for six games, and 2. the mystery of this guy who’s apparently younger than 30 and keeps walking into these sportsbooks to take Vegas’ lunch money.

Now if you thought the story of your favorite high roller’s favorite high roller was going to end there, well you have another thing coming. The man is back, he’s got a duffle bag full of cash, and he’s ready to lay it all on the Eagles next Sunday.
It started with reports yesterday of a bettor ready to put multiple millions on the Eagles in the Super Bowl. There weren’t many details other than that.
From Vegas Insider:

The first sonic boom Super Bowl bet heard across Las Vegas took place Wednesday afternoon at MGM Resorts where VP of sports book operations Jay Rood confirmed a multi-million dollar wager was placed on the Eagles at +5.5 causing the chain of 10 books on the Las Vegas strip to bypass -5 altogether and go straight to Patriots -4.5, which is the lowest number in town.
The massive wager give MGM books lots of wiggle room this early to balance things out in the Super Bowl betting season and it’s also a signal that a record setting handle could be had in Nevada for the third straight Super Bowl.

Fast forward to this morning, and our guy RJ Bell confirmed that the person letting it ride on the Eagles was, in fact, the big balls bettor from the World Series.

Not only that, but he’s still looking for more action. $3 million clearly isn’t enough when you’ve experienced cashing out to the tune of 14 MILLION just 3 months ago. You need that rush to be bigger. So, we’ll see where this ends up. Maybe he’s waiting for more Patriots action so that line will move back up to Eagles +5.5 where he laid the original 3 million?
Or possibly waiting to throw down on some props? Maybe a couple million on the under for the National Anthem and a few more on tails?

Here was MGM sportsbook VP Jay Hood yesterday before the details were announced

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