Greg Oden’s 30th Birthday At A Skating Rink Seemed To Be Fun

I’m not sure whether this will make you feel old or make you feel like LeBron is like 15. Greg Oden celebrated his 30th birthday on Monday and his wife threw him an ’80s skating rink party complete with an airbrushed poster of Greg and a Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme.

That’s right, Greg Oden just now turned 30. It’s one of life’s great mysteries how Greg didn’t pass up 30 and 40 and just turn 50 already. This popped up on my IG stream today and I knew you guys would stare at the pics for at least 15 minutes while at work.

It’s also hard to believe that Greg hasn’t touched an NBA court since the 2013-14 season with Miami when LeBron threw him a bone. He actually started 9 games for that team. His NBA career totals: 105 games played, 8 PPG. The knees just couldn’t hold up.

As for the guy selected 2nd in that 2007 draft…he’s over the 20,000 career points mark. Durant.

It’s not all bad for Greg. He made several million dollars, can always sign autographs at Ohio malls for extra cash and seems to have a fairly fun life going where he can strap skates to his 7-foot frame and have a good time in relative obscurity. That’s not a bad life at all.

One of Greg’s 30th birthday gifts from Mr. Kraft:

Greg Oden/Instagram