22 NSFWBDs Analyze Tony Romo’s AFC Title Game Debut

The sex noises. The constant jabbering. Still calling plays before they were run. Possibly dick riding Tom Brady. Tony Romo’s first venture into the AFC title game broadcasting booth had it all on Sunday and the NSFWBDs were fairly concerned over how this first time went for one of their favorite targets.

The BDs really focused in on a couple of things: Tony’s love affair with Tom Brady and how Tony wouldn’t take a breath. The BDs theorize that Tony is living vicariously through Tommy so he wants to see him collect rings. Something like that. As for the never taking a breath thing, there are comparisons developing between Tony and Reggie Miller.

Let that one simmer for a season or two and the BDs will really key in on that. You know the BDs wish Reggie would shut up now and then.

Tony Romo making weird noises:

I want whatever Tony Romo is on pic.twitter.com/XjZriijZyt

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) January 21, 2018