Georgia State Soccer Player Withdrawing From School After Dropping an N-Bomb On Her Finsta


Think you’re safe to drop N-bombs on your Finsta? Think again. Someone will out you… just ask former Alabama Alpha Phi Harley Barber about it, and now former Georgia State soccer player/student Natalia Martinez, who is reportedly done at the school after her, “I PASSED N*****SSS,” IG caption went viral.

Georgia State soccer was quick to suspend Martinez and released the following statement early Saturday morning:

Statement from GSU Athletics:

— Georgia State Panthers (@GSUPanthers) January 20, 2018

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Martinez plans to withdraw from the school after the incident. A petition calling for Martinez’s expulsion has currently netted 581 signatures, though they obviously no longer have to reach the 1,000 goal.

In a total coincidence, Martinez, like racist Bama sorority sister Harley, is also from New Jersey. She played in just four games before terrible decision making torpedoed her collegiate career.