Rene Reyes’ Son Launches An Incredible Middle Finger After Dad’s Big Game

Former MLBer Rene Reyes had a big game this weekend for the Caribes of the Caribbean Winter League so the sideline reporter wanted to hear about the big performance. Rene decided to bring his son along to hang with dad and that’s when Junior decided to launch one of the better middle fingers I’ve seen a kid come up with in a long, long time.

Look at the perfect form. Look at the finger placement. Look at the slight shake for emphasis. It’s all there.

Meanwhile, dad — played 81 MLB games over two seasons — has to keep his composure. Kudos to the sideline reporter for not losing it. Looks like this isn’t his first rodeo with a middle finger.

Here’s a rough translation (via Google Translate) as to what was going on and why Reyes was getting the postgram treatment:

The experienced René Reyes hit a two-run homer in the eighth for the Caribes de Anzoategui to defeat the Lara Cardinals, 4-2, in the first of the grand final held at the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez stadium in Barquisimeto.

A great conquest for the Orientals who take their first conquest as a visitor to take the advantage in this way. The twilight pitchers’ corps was beaten by the visiting slugger until the eighth when the important hit of the game came.

There it is, Reyes hit a big home run and Junior celebrated with pops.

Rene Reyes De Los Caribes De Anzoategui, Presenta Su Hijo Al País Vía TV

— Ramon Trejo (@RamonTrejo) January 21, 2018