Missouri State Student Swipes Left On Tinder, Meant Right, Goes On Mission To Find His Claudia


Not going to lie, as a married blogger with kids, I’ve never had to fire up the Tinder engine, but I hear my single and divorced friends talking about the struggle or conquests they have on the dating app. Doesn’t seem like too hard of a place to get work done. Seems to me that if you get into a groove, you just swipe right on pretty much everything.

Enter Hayden from Missouri State.

This kid redefined the Tinder game over the weekend when a Claudia from Missouri State outed him for emailing every single Claudia he could find at Missouri State to say how he made a huge mistake. HE MEANT TO SWIPE RIGHT, CLAUDIA!

The problem: I can’t find a response tweet from Claudia. Claudia outs Hayden and then doesn’t give him a public response.

Respect the hell outta this kid for using his brain to solve a problem. Actually thought it out. A real problem solver. Go getter. Guarantee Hayden will eventually be very successful. Something tells me it’s not going to work out with Claudia, but she might want to rethink things here. This kid is going places.

Claudia/Missouri State/Facebook

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