Watch: James O'Shaughnessy Tees Off On Patrick Chung

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James O’Shaugnessy REVENGE GAME?! Probably not. O’Shaugnessy, who was a Patriot for like five months, only logged 149 yards and a touchdown during the regular season so he probably won’t kill the Patriots. He can, however, do some damage in the blocking game, something Patrick Chung discovered today when his former teammate crushed him to help Leonard Fournette grab a first down:
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As for any secrets O’Shaugnessy may have about the Pats offense, he claims he doesn’t have much though he’s been asked for hints from teammates (via News4Jaxt):

“I was only there a short period of time, so I wouldn’t say I have insider knowledge of the players or the system,” O’Shaughnessy said. “Players have asked me about this guy, things he likes to do, what are his tendencies from receivers, tight ends. I’m here to help, but I think it comes down to everybody studying and taking what they feel is important for them.”

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