Glovegate Continues…Brady Wears Gloves To Press Conference, Says "We'll See" On Playing In AFC Championship

It’s been your normal, typically slow Friday news day today, so right now all of the headlines are being dominated by Tom Brady and his gloves. On Wednesday, we had the news that Brady injured his hand at practice, at the time I, and I think most, assumed it was minor and didn’t think much of it. Then yesterday, #Glovegate took on a life of its own when Brady showed up to practice wearing two gloves. Then the speculation machine really ramped up.

After that, we had Vegas lines moving in the Jaguars favor and for a while, some even had the game of their board. Now this immediately puts the speculation machine into overdrive because like I’ve said a million times, Vegas knows everything.

Fast forward to today, Brady has his weekly press conference and in an all-time dick move, rocks both gloves to the presser. Of course, he’s not here to talk about his hand even though he’s wearing two bright ass gloves on them.

Then when the question finally comes around to him playing in the AFC Championship Sunday, he answers with a “we’ll see”.

Now this is officially a thing in the media. ESPN has a little less than 48 hours to speculate on whether Tom Brady will play in the AFC Championship. It’s too bad this happened on a Friday because they could easily fill a week of content with this story.
And while I’m here let me say this loud and clear: if you don’t think Tom Brady is playing on Sunday, well you’re just a crazy person.
Side note: We call it #Glovegate as a joke, but I’m actually kind of surprised we haven’t seen an ESPN graphic with it yet.

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Here’s the full presser:

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