Doug Marrone Has The Official Game Plan To Beat The Patriots

Here it is, folks. This is what every NFL franchise (except the Giants) has been looking for about 17 years now — the way to beat the Patriots. Teams from sea to shining sea have been in search for a way to beat Brady and Belichick. Yeah, the Giants did it twice and I’m still not sure how, but everyone else out there is basically in the same boat. When it comes down to it, nobody really knows how to stop them.
Luckily, today we have the answers and they’re currently in Jags coach Doug Marrone’s possession for use this Sunday. It actually came from an unlikely source: 1st graders from The Bolles School in Jacksonville.
Now, I imagine he’s keeping this folder locked away somewhere with 24/7 security. You never know what kind of shit the Pats will try to pull now that this information is out there. But Doug did break it out at today’s presser just to give everybody a little sneak preview of what’s coming on Sunday afternoon.

Now we just have to put all of our trust into Blake Bortles that he can execute this plan. Should go well.

Just think – one day those first graders will grow up and get their very own Jaguars tat

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