West Virginia Player Punches Texas Tech Fan After Court Storming


I think this little incident from yesterday’s West Virignia-Texas Tech game will be the catalyst that starts the annual “should court-storming be banned in college basketball” debate that we have every season at some point.
Seriously, this happens every year and it’s always a good way to fill time on the debate shows. After an upset or big win happens, fans and students storm the court, then something bad happens like an injury or a player losing his cool, then we talk about banning court storming for a week until it happens again.
Here’s what happened yesterday: #8 Texas Tech upsets Huggy Bear and #2 West Virginia in a great game. Texas Tech fans and students who haven’t seen this kind of winning since Bob Knight was there, stormed the court. Things got crazy and a West Virginia player ended up throwing a left hook at a fan.


Another angle:

Yep, that won’t fly. That fan was probably being an ass, but anytime players start punching fans, it’s never good. Now if only we still had the Sports Reporters to start this court storming debate this morning.


A little blurry, but there’s the punch

Update: West Virginia is looking into the incident

I think we’ll see a suspension coming.

“We have been in contact with the Big 12 Conference and Texas Tech and are gathering information regarding yesterday’s court storming in Lubbock,” West Virginia’s athletic department said in a statement.

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