Alabama Fans Hit Walmart to Take Pictures With the National Championship Trophy

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Alabama fans experienced a second Christmas on Friday, as their fourth national championship trophy in this decade — and 17th overall — was available for pictures at a Tuscaloosa Walmart location.
That’s right, the trophy was back in its real chain store home after an appearance at Target in 2016. To no one’s surprise, the line was allegedly super long:

Tuscaloosa News was at the scene and interviewed Bama fans hyped to see the trophy — the highlights:

“There may be a future Bama player who will get his picture taken today,” Carolyn Reaves said. “When an opportunity like this comes along, you take it.”

One guy did some grocery shopping after getting his pic, because, of course, he did:

Taking advantage of the location, Donald Reaves bought groceries at the store before leaving.
“Might as well,” he said.

Additional photos of happy Bammers in front of a Dr. Pepper wall:

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