Steelers Fan In A Turkey Costume Goes Through Burning Table, Catches On Fire

The recent wave of NFL fan bases biting the Bills Mafia schtick has made its way from Chicago, to Kansas City, to Jacksonville, to Philadelphia and now to Pittsburgh, and I gotta say, it’s disappointing. You’d think Steelers fans, who are all high and mighty in their own right, would have a little respect for a tailgate tradition.
But apparently, everybody wants to be Buffalo these days. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type, but it’s true. Everybody is going through tables now and I don’t like it. Not one bit. Buffalo has suffered through enough and you guys can’t let them have the one thing that makes them so lovable? Old school Steelers fans wouldn’t stand for this.
Anyways, I’m not totally sure what’s going on in this video. Why this man is wearing a turkey costume 2 months after Thanksgiving is beyond me. The suit catching on fire adds a nice touch, but it’s just not the same. All of it feels forced and fake. Sorry, but I just refuse to get behind any other fan base breaking burning tables than the Bills. I’ll die on that hill.
Stick to waving the towels.

This is how it’s done

Good to see some Jags fans in the house at Heinz Field today

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