Bucks Fan Called Klay Thompson A Bitch, Immediately Got Tossed

You might’ve missed this while you were out drinking last night, but we had a Bucks fan who was sitting a little too close to the court with a little too much liquid confidence in him and it bit him in the ass.
Klay Thompson took a hard foul going to the rim, landed near the baseline, and according to him and his teammates, a fan called him a “bitch”. You couldn’t hear it on the broadcast immediately, but you knew fighting words were definitely being thrown around. After his teammates stepped in and gave the fan a few of their own words, he got sent on his way.

Some may argue that a multi-million dollar athlete should be able to handle being called a bitch by some loser fan. Some may say, “what about the kids around?” I say this: if it’s a playoff game, all bets are off. I think fans should have free reign to let a “bitch” or two fly when playoff basketball is being played.
But a Friday in January against a team from a different conference? Sorry, buddy, you’re gone. The game is not that important. It’s not a “bitch”- worthy atmosphere, in my humble opinion.

There was a lot of mystery about what the fan said… Klay made sure to clear that up post-game

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