An Alabama Playbook Was Stolen 2 Days Before The National Championship

If you win a National Championship, is a stolen playbook 2 days before the game really a story? Apparently so, because we’re all talking about it. Now if this news broke before the game like it did during media day at Super Bowl 51 when Kyle Shanahan’s backpack got snagged, then I’m all for it. Let’s let the conspiracy theories fly.
But here’s what happened: Last Saturday, somebody made their way into the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, found out where the Bama coaches conference rooms were, jacked a back pack belonging to Karl Dunbar, took the playbook out and left pretty much everything else.

Police say an Alabama coach’s backpack, which included his playbook, was stolen from his hotel ahead of the National Championship.
Alabama defeated Georgia Monday in the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
Police say last Saturday, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar left his backpack in a Marriott Marquis conference room designated as the defensive line meeting room.
It had his cellphone, laptop, $1,300 cash, passport and game day playbook inside.
Some of the items were recovered in a bathroom, but not the playbook.

Now we know it clearly didn’t matter because no where in the stolen playbook did it say that Tua would step in after halftime and be the second coming of John Elway.
Side note: what are the chances this playbook shows up at SEC Media Days this summer in the hands of some Bammer looking to get it signed by Saban? I say even odds.

Here’s a photo of the suspect

Just throwing this theory out there…maybe UCF is involved? Getting a head start on next year’s title game?

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