Kimberley Garner Stays Hot On IG, UFCer Wants Conor's Mom & 9 Years Ago Lane Kiffin Did This!

Ahh, just another Friday night in January to get on the couch after taking down the Christmas tree, sit back and watch some college basketball and probably fall asleep and wake up at 2 a.m. with some infomercial going on TV. ESPN has a Warriors-Bucks game that people will obviously be buzzing about followed by Rockets at Suns that nobody will be buzzing about. I see VCU is in Dayton to face my Flyers at 7 on ESPN2. Might catch some of that and close my eyes.
Kimberley Garner keeps doing hot things so she gets into the Dump
UFCer clearly wants Conor McGregor’s hot mom
Penthouse files for Chapter 11…look at these financials…WOOF WOOF
Muay Thai guy gets kneed in the stomach, pukes & and eventually gets KO’d
Matt Kemp wants $7.95M for this dump
9 years ago today Lane Kiffin did this to Tennessee fans
Connecticut TV newsroom (not like they do much news-ing in it) fell victim to a busted sewage pipe
Here’s Samantha from Florida State!!

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