Sydney Esiason Drops By With A Friday Heater, A Major Jeopardy Screw-Up & A Way Too Positive Capitals Fan

This kind of surprised me

Brett Favre says he plans on discouraging his kids from playing football.

USA Today:

“I got three grandsons. I’m not going to encourage them to play football, I’m not going to discourage them, but I would much rather be a caddie for them in golf than watch them play football,” Favre said on Tuesday’s show. “And that’s crazy. People say, ‘I can’t believe he would say that.’ But you know, head injuries are going to continue. The quality of player is only going to go up, and that means concussions are not going to go down. So it’s a scary issue.”

It doesn’t totally surprise me, but at the same time it still does surprise me, if that makes sense. With the concussion issues, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want them out there turning their brains to mush. But I also kind of assumed that the Favre’s grandkids would be some gunslingers running around out there willing to risk their brains for the love of the game. Carry on the family name. Instead, we’ll be watching them try to a green a par-4 in two.

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— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 12, 2018

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