Rachel Bush Announces She’s Back….Annnnndddd Trust Me, She’s Back

The GOAT, Rachel Bush, announced today on IG that she’s back with a simple caption: “Back in my natural habitat 😉☀️🌴(.)” Folks, this is the announcement of all announcements this week and clearly indicates that Bush is about to absolutely destroy the Miami bikini scene now that baby daddy Jordan Poyer’s season is done in Buffalo.

Ladies, I don’t know what’s in the water in Buffalo, but Rachel just spent a season there and heads back to Miami with the body in better shape than when she burst onto the IG scene a couple years ago.

Rachel wrote back on December 22:

SO finally after almost a year of having lea my stomach is almost back to where i want it!😂 remember new mommies, everything takes time but eventually It will all come back! If you just created a little human give your body time, eat right, and put in the work! You will see results! Just have to be dedicated! And remember NOTHING happens over night

This is a clear signal that IG is about to get LIT AF. You don’t have a baby, go through all that and let the IG legend status fizzle out. You get your ass into that Buffalo gym, hit the squat rack, hammer out an ab workout and get back to the ‘kini scene in free agent season shape.