BC Tipster: Noah Syndergaard & Ex-Girlfriend Alexandra Cooper Spotted At Dinner In NYC

via BC reader Ryan

A BC reader sent us these photos this morning of Mets ace Noah Syndergaard out having dinner in NYC last night with his supposed ex-girlfriend Alexandra Cooper, the smoking hot former Boston U soccer player who we’ve met and posted about multiple times.

Now, this is coming a month after Syndergaard took to Twitter to announce that he is single and “baseball is his significant other”. They both deleted all of their IG photos together and it seemed they were totally done. It looks like that might be all out the window now.

From BC reader Ryan:

They were there for a very long time. Were there before I got there and still drinking when I left after about two hours later..

Laughing and smiling. Looked like they were having a great time. Before I left they moved to share the booth together he had his arm around her.
She looked really relaxed definitely not upset.. looked like he was doing a lot of talking (I would too the girl is hot as shit in person lol) and neither of them were on their phones they were pretty in the moment (meanwhile everyone was staring at them)
They had the most private table in the restaurant those pictures were hard to get. Not sure they want it public
It’s a pretty good theory. Fake the break-up, get the media off your back, say it’s all about baseball in 2018, keep dating your smoke show girlfriend in private and it’s a win-win for everybody.

via BC reader Ryan

Exactly one month ago:

Baseball is my significant other. #focus #LGM pic.twitter.com/FmhUzG8cpf

— Noah Syndergaard (@Noahsyndergaard) December 12, 2017