Proof That College Basketball Just Means More (Than Extra Credit) In Kentucky


This was sent in by a Kentucky teacher to our friends at Kentucky Sports Radio and shows just how much college basketball means in that state even at the 5th grade level in the Southgate Independent School District where Kristy Jones is the PE teacher. Clear divide. You’re either red or blue. You’re with us or against us.

From Mrs. Jones:

this is the answer I got from a 5th grade UL fan to the extra credit I put on his PE quiz. I had to teach him who rules the state.

I guess it makes sense to throw away the extra credit on a PE quiz. At some point you have to make business decisions. You have to take a stand even if it’s 5th grade. You shoot your shot and it’s even better when Mrs. Jones can have fun with your answer.

That seems to be my big takeaway here. Mrs. Jones seems like someone I could roll with. Takes the jab and gives one right.

Seems like the kids are big fans of Kristy:

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