Jen Selter Was At The Garden Again To Watch Kristaps Porzingis, Says They're "Just Friends"

The Krstaps Porzingis-Jen Selter rumors are hot once again after she made an appearance at the Garden last night to watch the Knicks go into double-OT with the Bulls. But we all know the real reason she was there and it wasn’t to watch Robin Lopez play tough team defense and take charges. It was to watch the Unicorn get buckets and watch the internet burn with speculation and rumors.
This isn’t this first time she’s been hanging out at a Knicks game since her and KP have been going back and forth on social meda.
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Remember, this all started back in December when these two followed each other on Instagram at the same time. Not long after that, she dropped an IG with her new favorite emoji (the Unicorn) and then KP dropped one that Selter liked. Obviously, that led to the internet wondering if Porzingis, straight outta Latvia, actually bagged the ass queen herself.

Since early December, they’ve been dropping hints here and there, Selter has been appearing at Knick games, and it has all the makings of some sort of relationship. Either just hooking up or actually dating. She gave him an All-Star vote, for God’s sake:

For now, I’ll say they’re just banging.

What does Selter have to say about these rumors?

From the New York Post:

Add another page to the Kristaps Porzingis-Jen Selter story.
Selter, the fitness Instagram model who has expressed interest in KP, was sitting a few rows off the court Wednesday night when the Knicks lost 122-119 to the Bulls in double overtime.
Asked by The Post about her relationship with the Knicks star, Selter insisted with a smile that the two were “friends.”
Jen’s mother Jill, sitting beside her, pitched in: “You never know.”

I’m not buying it.

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