Peyton Manning Is Currently Your Betting Favorite To Replace Gruden On MNF

It’s about time Peyton Manning found something else to do besides make a thousand Nationwide commercials that torture the American people for six months during football season. Now that his guy Papa John is on his way out, maybe he can take a break from the commercials altogether. Maybe he can finally start his post-NFL career outside of endorsements.
Most figured he’d be looking for a job in a front office somewhere and do the whole John Elway thing. We even had some rumors floating around involving Manning and a house in Cleveland after people speculated he could wind up in the Browns front office. Now we know for a fact that isn’t happening anytime soon after the Browns hired their new GM.
So what’s he going to do? Keep making commercials for the rest of his life? Vegas has an idea, and it’s to replace Jon Gruden in the Monday Night booth, where he’s currently sitting at EVEN odds.
From Odds Shark:

The leader of the pack as of today is the NFL’s former golden goose, Peyton Manning, with odds at EVEN. The five-time MVP and all-time leader in passing touchdowns has shown his immense talent can translate to a gig in front of the camera as evidenced by his ESPYs and SNL hosting stints along with the oversaturation of ads we’ve all be subjected to. While I think he’d be decent at the role, Manning has not mentioned once to the media of being interested in the job, nor has ESPN. If you also consider the boatload of cash he is still getting from endorsements, it seems far-fetched he would ditch that paper to do deep-dives on NFL teams for five months of the year.
Other candidates include ESPN analysts Louis Riddick at +550, Steve Young at +600, Randy Moss at +750 and Matt Hasselback at +900 among others.

Seemingly out of nowhere, he’s far and away the favorite. The next four guys behind him are all current ESPN employees and I have a hard time believing ESPN will promote from within to fill one of their most important positions. They have to make a splash and as well all know, Vegas knows everything.
This is Manning’s job if he wants it and I can’t wait to see that beautiful giant head on my TV in September.

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