Jon Gruden Introductory Presser Highlights: Tom Brady Fumble, $100 Million Smirk, “Instant-Gram”


If you thought the Raiders had hype entering this 2017-18 season, just imagine what the expectations are going to be with Jon Gruden at the helm. It’s Super Bowl (s) or bust, really. That’s the reality when you shell out $100 million for a coach.

The Raiders officially introduced their man in a massive presser on Tuesday, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Chucky was pretty much the same guy we’ve come to know from Monday Night Football, though he did it keep it real by going out of his way to mention Tom Brady’s infamous fumble:

Given that he mentioned it pre-presser, it’s safe to say he really isn’t over it:

As for the the fat contract he’s reportedly getting, all Chucky could do was laugh a little:

However, he did reveal ownership in the team was not included with the millions:

Additional highlights from Chucky’s presser:

No doubt Mark Davis wanted Gruden just for his looks, right?

Instagram, a.k.a. Instaface, has a new nickname….

Davis says he chased Gruden for six years:

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