Janet Gretzky Looking Hot AF, Bama Teen Bangs A Horse & Bama Fan Wants UCF

You guys know this is one of my favorite type of stories out of Vegas

I’m always shocked how a guy can get from the cage to the door without shots ringing out. From the Las Vegas Sun:

Police are looking for a man who robbed a Las Vegas Strip casino-hotel.

Metro Police Lt. David Gordon says a man armed with a handgun on Tuesday night demanded money from a cashier at the casino cage of the New York-New York.

Gordon says the cashier handed over an undisclosed amount of money. He says the man kept the gun in his waistband and fled on foot.

My second favorite story out of Vegas is when someone steals table chips and then tries to play them back through the casino. This Rolling Stone story on a guy who pulled off a Vegas heist is a great read if you have time today.

Numbers from :

Lou Williams: 1st Clippers player with a 50-point game since Charles Smith against the Nuggets in December 1990.

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NY Daily News needs to make up its mind: Jan. 7 vs. Jan. 11 pic.twitter.com/JqBd16nQDr

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Toddler, meth, rifle found in bed with Etowah County couple Dannie & Teresa Poole, authorities sayhttps://t.co/70KpwDDlYphttps://t.co/Iu0CInhAdC pic.twitter.com/6CHFF1UrV4

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Empty seat, shoot your shot pic.twitter.com/V1CLGwk5kn

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An Alabama teen appeared in court today after being charged with molesting a local horse https://t.co/rApNCGzWQL pic.twitter.com/GXjS5x8wXo

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Debatable. pic.twitter.com/Fk11tVEcbG

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Catching up on Monday Night Raw and found the front runner for “Sign of 2018” https://t.co/GDJirMYouD
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