Alabama Fans Hit Academy Sports to Get Their National Championship Merch

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You have to be happy for Alabama fans. It appeared that their title drought was going to spill over into year two (the horror!!!!) after Tua Tagovailoa took that horrible sack in overtime. Then the freshman — seriously, did you know Tua is a true freshman? — saved the day with a walk-off touchdown to deliver Bama their 17th national championship.

Some fans celebrated by guzzling alcohol, some went out and got tattoos, and hundreds of others lined up at Academy Sports to purchase championship tees and hats in the middle of the night. Considering it was a Monday night you’d assume people would just buy online and get some sleep, but not these Bama crazies:

News Channel 9 reported that one Alabama fan in Tennessee dropped $520 on gear for his family. Way too much money on crap that will be discounted down the line? No doubt. But this is Bama’s second Christmas so just let them be.

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