Chargers Fans Fight Rams Fans For LA, Get Pummeled

All anyone can talk about in regards to this past weekend’s Chargers-Rams game is how awful the attendance was for a supposed rivalry game. Our response to that is… who really gives a f—k? Preseason Week 3 on the night of the Mayweather-McGregor superfight… is it that much of a shock people opted for a spectacle over trash football?

But speaking of fights, The Coliseum came through in the clutch yet again as two Chargers bought into this “Fight For LA” mantra and stirred up some drama with Rams fans. As you can see below, Eric Weddle and his lady got into two separate fights in like a two-minute span as the worst security team in history watched it all unfold:

The bad news: the Rams and Chargers somehow don’t play each other this season. Boos for you on that flub, NFL.

That wasn’t the only fan fight that night: