OJ Simpson is Supporting the Bills From a Vegas Bar

As much as people want to believe OJ Simpson is in Jacksonville for the first Bills playoff game in forever, we’re sad to inform you he’s still in Las Vegas. However! The Juice, who is rocking a LeSean McCoy jersey, is very much supporting his former team and is currently loose at the Moon Doggies Bar and Grill taking pictures with Vegas Mafia:

Sadly it doesn’t look like any tables were broken at this location:

ESPN’s Darren Rovell confirms OJ hasn’t left Nevada:

O.J. Simpson is NOT at the Bills-Jaguars game in Jacksonville. Manager at Moon Doggies bar in Las Vegas confirms he is there. pic.twitter.com/RLBhsCDEI5

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) January 7, 2018

OJ, of course, is a Bills legend and did some major damage in his heyday — an MVP, five Pro Bowls, five First-Teams, five consecutive seasons over 1,000 rushing yards, etc.

Sidenote: O/U 100 photos OJ takes with drunk Bills fans today?

The ladies love OJ for some reason: