Bills Fan Gets Tattoo Of Andy Dalton Jumping Through A Table, Another Fan Gets Tattoo Of His Face

Yep, that’s an Andy Dalton jumping through a table tattoo #BillsMafia

— #GoPats (@ElLocoDeLaNFL) January 7, 2018

It’s a big day for the Bills here on BC and we’re keeping it rolling with some more hilariously insane behavior from the Bills Mafia faithful. As we speak, Bills fans are currently destroying the EverBank Field parking lot and bully Jags fans all over the place, but they wouldn’t be there if wasn’t for the Red Rifle himself, Andy Dalton.

So Bills fans have been giving their thanks to Dalton all week. They’ve sent a ton of money to his foundation, the team sent a truck of wings to Cincy, and now Bills fans are revealing their latest thank you Dalton via these tattoos.

The Andy Dalton/Bills Mafia table smash is already an instant classic NFL tattoo. But we’re not done there. Another fan got a picture of his face inked on him after promising to do so if the Bengals came through last Sunday.

Andy Dalton is officially a bigger legend in Buffalo than he’ll ever be in Cincinnati.