Meet LAILA KHRINO – Hottest Arrest Mugshot Ever?

Our friend Andy Slater sent word this morning that I needed to see a mugshot from the weekend arrest of Laila Khrino, a Twin Peaks server. Annnnndddd, we have a contender of Hottest Mugshot of 2018. That’s right, it’s January 3 and Laila was arrested for pot possession on December 31, but the mugshot didn’t hit the Broward County Sheriff Office database until after the 1st so Laila is in the 2018 running.

I clearly could not care less about her having the weed. No big deal to me. However, if we’re going to get Hottest Mugshots of the Year  contenders, we need ladies like Laila to step up and take a weed charge every now and then. Everything will be fine. Pay some court costs and move on.

And she’s about to get Internet fame so this will all work itself out in the end.

According to Laila’s Facebook:

• Twin Peaks server

• Psychology student at Broward College

• Married

• 20

Laila Khrino mugshot: