Paris Jackson’s Regrettable Tattoos, UGA Fan’s Scooter Didn’t Make It & Bama Fans Only Read Bama Football News

Just have to be honest for a minute here…I’m not watching any sports tonight. Zero. Nothing. I know that the real league schedule starts tonight for college basketball, but I’m burnt out. I’ve worked somewhere around 19 out of the last 20 days or so. Think I’ll take a break. Started to feel sick overnight and the schedule has started to take its toll on my brain.

Paris Jackson’s regrettable tattoos just might be regrettable tattoo hall of famers

Uh oh, Lamar Odom partying in the DR…I smell fireworks this week

Eva Longoria has herself a new toy & it’s a soccer player you’ve heard of

UGA fan doesn’t make it to Rose Bowl via scooter…but there’s good news

How important is Bama football to Bama residents…this should give you an idea

100 Great Tweets from 2017

Sacramento NYE local TV coverage got a little handsy

Here’s Emily from UGA

My Neighbor Kevin Called It Rose Bowl Fan Video of the Year

My neighbor Kevin says the Dawgs are fine heading into half

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