Ellie Gonsalves & Friends Get 2018 Rolling, Shredded Greg Norman, Plus Michigan Fan Is Still Sad

Am I mad that it’s Alabama-Georgia in the title game?

No way. Not a chance. I’m all good. Love it. As you guys know, I’m in the content business. This title game is great for business. I’ve told you before how Clemson fans are for the most part rather boring and they’re not pumping out much content. Oklahoma was a little better for business, but once you get past whatever drama Mayfield creates the Sooners aren’t that exciting. Bama fans are great for business. I’ll probably do 2-3 posts today just from Finebaum caller content. Georgia fans are pumping out content. Did you see the video of my neighbor Kevin telling Dawgs fans what was going to happen in the 2nd half of the Rose Bowl?

Telling you guys, I’m perfectly happy with this title matchup. I don’t get into conference superiority. Doesn’t matter to me. I root for matchups that are going to cause chaos. This one should be just fine.

Numbers from :

Brady Hoke after 3 seasons: 26-13

Jim Harbaugh: 28-11

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) January 1, 2018

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2017 vs 2018 pic.twitter.com/7ljut1VlOJ

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Steve Harvey bundled like a mofo pic.twitter.com/mGxdQQOBYK

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