Iowa State Fans Drank An Entire Memphis Bar Out Of Busch Light For The Liberty Bowl


This may be news to some of you, but Iowans LOVE their Busch Light, probably more than any other place loves any other specific beer. Just take a look at that map above and you’ll get the idea.

But just in case you needed more proof, let’s take a look at what happened this weekend in Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. A bunch of Cyclones fans made the trip down to Tennessee for the game, they ended up at a watch party for the ISU basketball team on Friday at Jerry Lawler’s bar and by 9pm that night, they drank the entire bar out Busch Light.

Keep in mind, this is all before the Liberty Bowl was even played. This was just fans out enjoying themselves on a casual Friday night before the bowl game the next day.

They ended up ordering another 19 cases just for the game on Saturday.

And I think we can probably assume those 19 cases were quickly destroyed yesterday.


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