Kimberley Garner Closes Down 2017, Old Timer Joins College Golf Team & Snap Bro Drops Huge Money For NYE Bash

At this point I have no idea which teams are playing the starters and which teams aren’t. All I know is that the Browns are facing 0-16 in Pittsburgh and I’ll be glued to that storyline. Also keep in mind that all NFL games will be played today. No Sunday Night game (because nobody would be watching) and there are 9 games starting at 4:25. That’s going to make for an insane second half of the day.

Let’s have Kimberley Garner close down 2017

Snapchat owner bro drops $4m for Snap NYE party…here’s what’s planned

Uh oh…here’s who might be the next Lions head coach & he works for the Patriots

Old timer joins college golf team

World junior hockey goalie forced to take escalator

Czech team apologizes to rink ice crew guy they nearly killed

This Florida Man went nuts at a Steak N Shake over an undercooked burger

Here’s Brianna from The U

Mascot Bowl Game Grab of the Week

Nice hands!

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