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Another year in the books

I started off the year with a pregnant wife who was about to burst. Spent New Years on the couch with her and watched Don Lemon get LIT AF. Then began a year where my BC3 was born on January 4, about 10 days later I was in Boston for the first time and ended up at a Bruins game. Then I was at the Super Bowl for a week, home for a couple weeks and then back on the road to the Daytona 500 for about four days, a few weeks off, then on the road to the Bristol spring race, few weeks off and then I did my summer flower planting. There was eventually a trip to Omaha for Game 2 of the College World Series. I threw footballs in front of Tom Osborne, shot foul shots in front of Jay Williams, kicked soccer balls in front of Taylor Twellman and hit Whiffle balls in front of Joe Carter.

There was a Busch canoe trip with a big group of friends followed by another trip to Boston for the NFL opener – almost forgot about that overnight trip. Also made my first trip to Green Bay for the annual father-son trip and a visit to the MAC Championship game to see my Toledo Rockets win a title for the first time in like 13 years.

The years start to peel off around here and just when you think it’s going to slow down, things pop up and there’s something else to experience. Eventually I’ll need one of these young guys to step up and take this role. James seems pretty content in L.A. It might end up being Danny the Intern who takes this role. He represented BC at the Mercedes Benz stadium tour back in like July. I didn’t hear that he acted like a moron so we might be good to start sending him out so I can sit around and pump out Morning Screencaps in peace.

My hope for 2018: no more pop-up ads on BC.

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Obviously ending 2017 living my best life

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