Eagles Punter Donnie Jones Forgets About His Sweatpants, Strips On The Field & Pins Dallas Inside The 5


In case you haven’t heard, it’s very cold across the United States today and we have football weather at multiple NFL games this afternoon. You saw Belichick earlier this morning going with the short sleeves and shorts in the cold, while Eagles punter Donnie Jones went the opposite. He’s looking to stay as warm as possible rocking the sweatpants over the game pants on the sidelines.

Only problem is he forgot to take them off when he trotted out for a punter. No worries, he ripped them off with the quickness before pinning Dallas at the 4-yard line like it was nothing.

And that right there is by far the most interesting thing to happen so far in the Eagles-Cowboys game.

Sweatpants celly!


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