Saints Fans Continue To Milk The "28-3" Joke By Flying This Plane Banner Over The Superdome

The Falcons-Saints rivalryย is at an all-time high right now given what happened in the Super Bowl for the Falcons, coupled with the playoff/division implications of today’s game. It’s by far the biggest game of the day, with the winner immediatelyย put in the driver’s seat to win the division.
So Saints fans are milking these 28-3 jokes as much as possible while they still can. If they lose to the Falcons again today, I’m not so sure they’ll have room to continue taking credit for another’s team’s success.
That’s why they’re going all out with them today with this plane banner over the Superdome. I get it. Go for broke while you still can.

Can you say “beating a dead horse”?

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