Josh Rosen Might Not Want To Play For Browns…Not Real Surprised To Hear That
It’s the not so shocking Christmas Eve news that Josh Rosen is thinking twice about an NFL career that includes making a paycheck from the Cleveland Browns. Schefty is hearing from his sources…probably some “friend of the Rosen family” that Josh “would be hesitant to come out in next year’s NFL draft if he knew that Cleveland was going to take him with the No. 1 overall pick.”
It’s possible that Rosen would try to avoid the Browns by going back to school. Maybe news that the Browns have 1 win in two years hasn’t reached California. Bro, they’re going to be right back in this position next year.
More from Schefty:

Privately, Rosen has expressed concern about winding up in Cleveland and would rather be with a more stable franchise, such as the Giants.
Rosen plans to sit down with his parents after the Cactus Bowl for a “serious conversation” before making a final decision about whether to turn pro. Whether Cleveland has the No. 1 overall pick could influence his decision, according to a source.

Let’s face it, Josh Rosen is too smart to end up with the Browns. He has options unlike others out there who might not be able to afford to go back to school. How do I know? Rosen said it himself in a Cactus Bowl Q&A.
Keep in mind Rosen’s father, Charles, is a spine surgeon. His mom is theĀ great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Wharton, who founded the Wharton School at Penn. Keep all of this in mind. You think they want him going to the Browns?

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