You'll Never Guess What Florida Man Did After A Guy Scored On Him In A Pickup Football Game

Imagine you show up to a Florida pickup football game and you have yourself a game. You score a TD, things go so well the team might sign you to a pickup free agent contract, you’re on a huge high. Then, the guy you score a TD on says he’s going to kill you. This is Florida so those words mean the guy might rip off your head and eat your body. Real bath salts shitt, right?
This is right out of something that Mike Mitchell would approve of in the NFL, minus the killing part. Just bodily harm because this is FOOT-BALL & you sign up to have your body ravaged.
From the Palm Beach Post:

A man told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies that after his brother scored a touchdown on a 28-year-old man during a pickup football game in Wellington in November, the man threatened to kill them and fired a gun at them.

Investigators arrested Ruleon Michel of Belle Glade this month on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

The brothers then ran to their car — the white BMW — and tried to get away, according to the report.

When they did, they got trapped at a dead-end nearby and the 21-year-old brother fled the BMW and ran toward the mall. Michel followed the vehicle and shot a gun several times. It’s unclear from the report if he got out of his car to shoot the weapon or shot while driving. The 26-year-old brother driving the BMW was able to get away and then pick up his brother so they could go home.

Look, you should be able to play a pickup game of football without getting shot at. However, this is Florida and you have to watch your ass at all times. In fact, I recommend pickup football leagues allow players to pack heat at all times. This way if someone doesn’t like your touchdown dance and threatens to blow your head off, you can blow off his head in self-defense.
It appears that Ruleon wasn’t a big fan of Twitter. His account went quiet in 2012


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