Martavis Bryant’s Girlfriend Flips Out On Twitter, Accuses Him Of Cheating, Flip Flops Two Days Later

Man, what a rollercoaster year Martavis Bryant has had. He came into the season as the starting wideout opposite of Antonio Brown, then by week 7 he’s demanding a trade and getting benched, but somehow he’s actually turned in a solid second half of the season.
Now, to add on top of all the football-related shit he’s been dealing with this season, he has to deal with off the field baby mama drama.
Monday night, Bryant’s girlfriend, Deja Hiott, went on a wildly premature Twitter tirade calling out her man for cheating, all because of a video Le’Veon Bell posted that showed Bryant casually sitting next to someone who happened to be a female. This is what followed:

That photo obviously does not show somebody caught in the act of cheating. This is clearly a Twitter crime of passion and misunderstanding. This is not a Swaggy P-Iggy Azaela situation where a guy straight up snitches on his teammate.
Luckily, after about 48 hours, Deja came to her senses and realized her mistake. Credit to her for the admission.
Now I’m sure everything will be happily ever after from on here on out.

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