Meet New England Patriots Cheerleader Nicole M.

The NFL game of the year so far is this afternoon between the Patriots and Steelers. It’s the game most implications and the game most of America will be watching, along with Rams-Seahawks. Also, some may take a glance at Titans-Niners for a good laugh.
Pittsburgh already clinched a playoff berth last weekend, but they’re still playing for home-field advantage. New England wins and they win their division for the hundredth season in a row. Basically whoever wins this game has a one-way ticket to the #1 seed in the AFC.
It’s a huge game, so you’ll want to be focused on the football. We’ll handle the other stuff. So meet Patriots cheerleader, Nicole M.

Nicole’s Bio:

  • Hometown: Pelham, NH
  • College: Endicott College
  • Year on the squad: 3
  • Fun Facts:
    • She would love to swim in a pool of Cheez-Its
    • She loves hiking
    • Loves shopping for bikinis

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