REPORT: The XFL May Be Making A Comeback


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We had some MAJOR football news break on Twitter while you guys were out drinking last night. This guy Brad Shephard, who I’m not sure is even a reporter and is only rocking with 3700 Twitter followers, casually threw this report out to the Twitter masses that has me feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.

The XFL may be coming back.

Again, who knows if we can believe anything this guy is saying. I’m still not even sure who he works for or what he does, so he might just be out here throwing shit against the wall.

But then we had more people come out later last night, like legitimateĀ reporters, who reached out to the WWE about this and actually got a response.

And now we’re officially cooking with gas. They didn’tĀ confirm or deny anything and Vince has a separate companyĀ ready to roll. This soundsĀ likeĀ a thing that could actually happen and the internet is going to lose its mind. Maybe Vince McMahon saw how well received that XFL 30 For 30 was, along with all the shit and controversy the NFL is constantly dealing with and decided it’s time to bring back the nonstop entertainment that was the XFL.

Just imagine how incredible this could be with social media. So many possibilities. Vince, give the people what they want.

10. More. Days! #ThisWasTheXFL

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