Anthony Barr Gets A Nice Letter From A Packers Fan: "Hope You Snap Your Neck"

Aaron Rodgers returns this Sunday against Carolina after breaking his collarbone courtesy of a little extracurricular hit by Anthony Barr earlier in the season. That means Packers fans can move past the brutal 8-week Brett Hundley era and break out the lotion again for 3 hours on Sunday.
But even though the team is still very much in the playoff hunt, some fans still aren’t over what Anthony Barr did to their golden God in week six. He received this nice letter from a Packers fan yesterday, who had some thoughts on the play.
Then he gave him some well wishes for the rest of the season.

And to think, I thought Packers fans were just fat, jolly, cheese-eating people who loved cold weather and football.  As it turns out, they’re just a tier below SEC fans.

Barr had a good laugh about it


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